FAQ's and Wood Types

Here are some of our most asked questions and some basic information about the wood species that we use for our Ocean and Geode Boards and Trays. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, be sure to drop us a line and we will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is resin safe to serve food on?

Answer: We ONLY use resin that is certified "food-grade" resin, so all of our Ocean and Geode boards are safe to place cold food items on. **Not all epoxy resin is considered food safe, so always ask your maker if theirs is. 

2. What are the differences between the wood types?

Answer: We currently offer boards and trays in Maple, Cypress, Cherry,  Black Walnut, and Olive Woods. Periodically, we do get more exotic pieces in and typically sell those as finished pieces. Ask us more, if you're interested in something different than our typical offerings.

Maple: The lightest of our wood offerings, Maple has a beautiful creamy tone with light golden variations. It is a hardwood and very durable. Ideal for cutting cheese and soft items. 

Cherry: Also a hard wood, Cherry boasts a golden to red-gold wood tone and elegant wood grain patterns. The wood has a straight-grain, a fine, uniform, satiny and smooth texture

Black Walnut/ Walnut: Another hardwood and the most rare, this rich brown wood is decadent and rare. The wood has a satiny and smooth texture, with various grain patterns that create uniquely stunning pieces. 

Olive Wood: Another beautiful hardwood offering, the Olive wood boards are stunning and unique with their rich color that is prized all around the world for its appearance, density, grain and fine texture. Traditionally, the Olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship, this association began in ancient Greece, as early as the fifth century

 3. What is your average turnaround time to finish a piece?

Answer: While turnaround times can vary, average turnaround is about 2 weeks, give or take. During the busy holiday season, it could take up to 5 weeks, depending on when you place your order. As almost all of my work is made-to-order, it takes extra time to create a unique, custom piece. That being said, we are doing our very best to create a stock of our most popular items to help cut down on turnaround time! If you have a special request, or a rush order, please reach out and we can see if we can make it happen for you!

4. Can I request a custom piece?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. We do take custom orders and fulfill custom commissions. Depending on the project and scope, timelines may vary, but we'd love to see if we can make you a completely custom piece. 

5. Shipping Information:

Once your order is placed, and if the item is in stock, it will ship within 3-5 business days. If it is a MADE TO ORDER item, or an item that is custom, it will take us 7-10 days to complete the item and prepare it for shipment during non-peak season. (Jan-Mar) (June-Aug)

During high volume or holiday seasons (Oct-Dec & April-May), depending on the quantity of orders we receive, turnaround time on your piece may take up to 4 weeks, although we are doing our best to create a good stock of our most popular items. If ever you need something in a hurry, feel free to inquire with us as to what is currently available, or check our site for "in stock" items. 

6. If I pay for expedited shipping, will my order get completed faster?

Answer: Paying for expedited shipping will only affect the timeline of your item once it is finished and given over to the shipping carrier. It will not expedite the turnaround time for us to hand make your item. For example, if an item takes us 10 days to complete, it will still take us 10 days to complete, but it's time in transit to you upon completion will be expedited.




TROPICAL GETAWAY: An instant fan favorite and best seller, our deep tropical blue greens and light aqua waves feel like you're visiting your favorite vacation spot from anywhere in the world.

BALI BREEZE: Our best selling waves. Bali Breeze re-creates the deep turquoise and teal hues of Bali, Tahiti and many other exotic locales. (more Turquoise/Green tones than Tropical Getaway)

SANGRIA SUNSET: Recreating a sunset in summertime, this color scheme is full of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows to mimic the hot summer sun and sipping your favorite iced cocktail

TURQUOISE/WHITE/GOLD ABSTRACT: Luxurious turquoise, white and gold colors are reminiscent of the ocean, but in an abstract way that flows over the board. Combines elegance with a tropical feel.

SUNSET SKIES AND MAI TAIS: A lush, romantic sunset, this color scheme shows off rich purple and magenta waves that spill into liquid gold over any of our wood choices

WHITE + GOLD GEODE: A break from the ocean to revel in a different nature of beauty, our white and gold geode offers a neutral, elegant twist on any of our boards and trays. Pearl white, soft gold, and opal sparkles complete this color scheme *Also available in White + Silver