Resin Board Care and Tips

Now that you have your beautiful new resin board or tray, its important to know how to care for it to keep it shining and lasting a lifetime. 

The key to proper board care is understanding the properties of your wood and basic maintenance. Don't worry, its pretty simple and there are just a few basic do's and don'ts. 

***Berries and other darkly colored food items WILL stain the wood portion of your board. To avoid this, place those items on the resin portion, or place a piece of wax paper beneath when serving. Also, following these care tips will help prevent that.

1. DO dry immediately after washing with a warm, lightly soapy towel. You never want to soak your wood in water and too much soap can dry the wood out.

2.   DO treat it with oil. Think of it the same way you'd think of your skin. It needs moisturizer to stay soft and supple. Your wooden board needs oil to stay strong and vibrant. The more we wash our boards, the more we draw out the natural oils which makes it prone to splitting and warping. The best way to know when your board is craving oil is to look at the color of the wood. The duller the wood, the more likely it needs to be re-oiled.

3.   We prefer Walrus Oil for its unique combination of mineral, coconut, vitamin E oils and beeswax + bonus, they have a fabulous Wood Wax for cutting boards that will coat and help prevent stains on your precious board.

4.   DO NOT use vegetable or olive oils as these can become rancid and begin to smell. 

5.   DO NOT ever place your board in the dishwasher. Heat and soaking do not go well with a resin board. Wood is a beautiful natural material that has the ability to both bring water into its grain as well as repel it. When too much water gets absorbed by wood it begins to expand and this is what makes a cutting board warp, bend and crack

6.   DO NOT let it soak in water. If you leave it soaking and too much water gets absorbed by the wood, it can and most likely will warp, bend, or begin to crack. Yikes!

7.   DO periodically rub some lemon juice and baking soda or salt on the wooden portion of your board to help remove any stains and naturally disinfect and deodorize it. Wipe down with warm water after and re-apply your Walrus Oil Oil + Wood Wax for the best conditioned state!

8.   The resin portion of your board or serving tray needs little to no care, aside from wiping down or cleaning with some diluted glass cleaner now and then. 

9.   Now, enjoy your beautiful resin board and lots of yummy treats for years to come!


-Lindsey K